Cool Things Happen

Some pretty cool things have happened around Unforgettable this past month. Although we haven’t traveled we have had a fabulous time in the Solomons/California, MD area. The most important cool thing was actually what didn’t happen and that was Hurricane Florence. We had nary a drop of wind or rain. We will probably experience the after effects while traveling down the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway) in a few days though. There will still be damaged marinas, high and debris filled waters, flooded towns, displaced buoys, shoaling and more changes that can make passages more dangerous.

Another cool thing was seeing a cow nose ray circling in the water by our dock. The “near threatened” species migrate to the Chesapeake Bay during the summer. I was so excited I couldn’t talk! I happened to have my purse with me and quickly dug my phone out but could not get to the phone app in time, darn!20180928_190240.jpg

An unusual and cool thing was Scott turning on the stove and oven for the first time! He prepared dinner for the first time in the 5 years that I have known him. He cut up and roasted potatoes all by himself and microwaved leftovers. It was such a treat to come home to a hot meal.

Scott fixed dinner because I was at hot yoga which leads me to another really cool thing which is taking yoga every day for 30 days for $30! There is a fabulous studio nearby in California, MD and I have enjoyed every single class that I have taken. I can’t say enough good things about the teachers and the atmosphere in my new “home away from home.” As a former pilates/yoga studio owner I truly appreciate this opportunity to deepen my practice. Scott has gone 4x per week and has improved greatly. What a gift this month has been to us here in the Solomons/California area.

We are also enjoying a beautiful little local Methodist church in Solomons. Pastor Dottie not only has a Masters of Divinity and Theological Studies, she is also a marine biologist and is an “Earthkeeper,” a missionary who cares for and looks after the environment. I love the way her sermons relate local Chesapeake Bay environmental features to the bible. She is pretty cool in her approach to the church and her sermons.

Our old life raft

A surprise cool thing occurred while deploying our 15 yr. old life raft. It hadn’t been serviced in 7 years so we weren’t expecting it to do anything but it worked perfectly. It is comforting to know that we have a new light weight Winslow 4 person life raft in a valise instead of the super heavy old one that had some water damage that was revealed upon deployment.


We had a great experience with Washburn’s Boatyard over the past few weeks. Scott is super picky and thought so highly of their work and professionalism that he had lunch catered! A big thank you to everyone involved!


Another cool thing is meeting a couple at church, Dianne and Jon, who live in the Calvert’s Marina where we are docked. They live on a beautiful red, steel hulled 50′ sailboat that John built. It has been such a pleasure getting to know them. Then a super cool thing happened…they took us sailing! It was my first time actually sailing, not just sitting in a sailboat, and I loved it!!! We had really missed being on the water so it was a gorgeous day to be sailing and we saw 3 beautiful bald eagles gliding near us.

Jon and Dianne, S/V Tara

I have been working on our super cool plans for our Germany/Iceland trip and we are quite excited about exploring new countries and seeing my son, Clayton! We are still open to suggestions for Germany. I can’t wait to eat spaetzle and see the countryside. We hope to fit in a one-day Rhine River cruise so we can be on the water at least a little bit.

Today was the beginning of the Kadey-Krogen Rendezvous, a gathering of Krogen owners, former owners, and “wannabe’s”. There are several valuable classes such as Interpreting Wave Forecasts, Shore Power Safety and Technology, Weather 101: Sirius XM, Fluid Management and Testing, Hands-on Electrical Troubleshooting and many more. There’s a pet parade, Krogen Krawl where we can tour inside boats, round table discussion on the Bahamas, information on the down East Circle Loop and a live band and dance. With docktails every night it’s really is just one big party! Last year we had so much fun and made so many wonderful friends in the Krogen family. We miss our old friends on land but are lucky to have made new friends on the water!

Certainly the coolest thing of all is spending time with my wonderful daughter, Allegra! She would not like me bragging about her but I am so very proud of the wonderful woman she has become and I am so proud to be her mom! (Of course we also enjoy spending time with Brandon, her boyfriend)!

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  1. Hi You Two!

    Sounds as if you’re having a fabulous “layover.” Such a nice thing to do for the people at your dock shop-bringing lunch. I noticed a yoga studio by my hairdresser’s last night. Thinking of checking it out since golf is pretty much over. I also want to get set up with weeklies with Jen but have 2 friends who say they want to join me but we haven’t coordinated it as of yet.

    Scott is super involved at the country club. He’s on the board now and between that, all the physical labor he does there and playing golf I would guess it consumes about 75 per cent of his time. I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical-needed a break from all the drama. I love my friends, but just needed some down time.

    After going to Estes Park in June I was totally reminded of why we don’t travel well together. I always said having the boat worked great for us because we knew exactly where we were going and what we were going to do. It was much hotter, drier and Scott’s allergies drove him nuts in Estes. Of course, I was responsible for all these things. He is just an extremely routine oriented person which has its pluses and minuses. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and it drives me crazy to make sure everything goes smoothly for him. Plus, I drive me crazy being so loose!!!! Thus, we need to be very careful about any traveling we do. Our youngest son is getting married July 5 in Cancun and that will be our travel for the foreseeable future.

    Our current plan is to put our house up for sale in the next few months and downsize. We’ve seen a couple of homes at Heritage at Hawk Ridge but weren’t quite ready at the time to put the ball in motion. We very much like that area but there is a new development of mixed housing including very nice villas starting in the spring right across from Lake Forest. We could ride ahold cart to the club from there which would be ideal. HHR (As they call it) is over an over 55 community and we kinda like the idea of having all kinds of families around us.

    We took our oldest son and daughter-in-law’s 14 year old beagle and our 11year old golden retriever to the Blessing of the Pets at Lauren’s school today. Lauren brought Holy Water home to the 2 1/2 yr old retriever. 3 dogs, one (the beagle) being extremely infirm was more than wethought made good sense. It was lots of fun but HOT! We enjoy getting to do stuff like that with/for her. She’s in first grade and a hoot but the time is whizzing by much too fast!

    I hope one way or the other this email reaches you. I can’t seem to log into comments on my iPad for your blog, but I always enjoy reading it. Please keep those updates coming!

    Happy 🎃 Halloween Xoxoxo

    PS-Scott Eason-now that you’re such an accomplished cook Scott Potter can share some of his recipes with you–he’s the cook and I’m the baker but I have a few things left in my repertoire I can share too. The grill was always our go to device on the boat.


    Patty “We must have a free press.” -Senator John McCain



  2. I loved reading about how well you two can adapt to any situation and make really cool things happen and enjoy the really cool things that happen to you. So glad you were not affected by the hurricane!


  3. Pictures…keep those gorgeous photos coming. I can live vicariously through your travels. And I love hearing what you – my teaching/modeling/musical/pilates friend – are learning in your new adventures. Scott is one lucky man to have gotten a wonderful partner to share in these adventures. I can only imagine all the friends you are making each time you spend time at another place.

    Have fun in Germany with Clayton. And more photos, please.


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