In July of 2013, after losing his wife to ovarian cancer, Scott was looking for a new first mate.  Who would have thought that he would find her on Match.com, in O’Fallon, MO?  For our first date he flew to St. Louis and stated that he wasn’t leaving until Melissa told him to or until she went with him.  After dating for 3 months she had the BIG TEST…a trip on the boat to Tween Waters (Captiva) and Pelican Bay (Cayo Costa).  If she didn’t like boating then she was not the right one for him.  Fortunately, she didn’t just like boating…she LOVED it!  In fact, our wedding theme (July 16, 2016) was anchors.

Scott spent his entire career at Anheuser-Busch as an electrical engineer and senior project manager.  Melissa was a music teacher until she had a singleton and then triplets.  When all 4 were in school she trained in Chicago and NYC to become a certified Pilates instructor and opened a Pilates and Yoga studio.  Along the way she also taught dance, modeled and trained high school colorguards.  Between them they have 8 kids living in Germany, NYC, Seattle, and Missouri and 4 grandchildren.

Living on the water is keeping us young, keeping our minds fresh and hopefully, physically fit.  Operating and traveling in a boat is a constant challenge.  Scott is constantly being challenged to solve problems and make repairs on the thousands of things that can go wrong on a boat, even while underway.  Melissa does the purchasing and research on everything from boats, parts, life rafts, stoves, anchorages and locales.  She still has a lot to learn about driving and docking the boat but she is gradually improving.

Now for the physically fit part, that is yet to be determined.  Scott prefers to swim one mile in a pool and Melissa loves Zumba and walking.  When we are in a marina Scott can take advantage of his YMCA membership’s reciprocity.  Thankfully, we have the space to physically challenge our strength and flexibility through yoga, Pilates, stretchy bands and floor exercises. Tricep dips going down the stairs from the galley can be done all day.  Working out on the bow or “dance floor” behind the fly bridge is exquisite on a nice day! We can also take advantage of our boat bikes and yet to be purchased, kayaks.

Scott now teasingly calls Melissa the “Admiral” but truly she is just happy to be his “First Mate.”  Hopefully, we will have many years aboard our dream boat, Unforgettable!

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