Rhode Island and Dorian

Enjoying live music outside in Bristol. Taken by Robyn. While we were exploring Nantucket we carried heavy hearts and tear-filled eyes as Dorian demolished the Abacos.  It was absolutely gut wrenching to know that places we love were being destroyed.  Growing up in Missouri I had no idea how a hurricane can impact lives and... Continue Reading →

Martha’s Vineyard & Hyannis

Thick fog surrounded Unforgettable rendering us unable to see more than a quarter mile for most of our journey from Wickford, RI to Martha's Vineyard, MA.   So dense in fact, we had to turn on our auto-horn which sounds a single prolonged blast every two minutes to alert nearby boaters.  The 100 mile island is comprised of... Continue Reading →

I love NYC!!!

I love NYC!!! I love the energy, the sounds, and the subway. The subway? Yes, I even love riding the subway and experiencing different languages, accents, styles of dress and different religions, a smattering of everything. I even like seeing the guy with the horns coming out of his nose which sits on a face... Continue Reading →

June: Family, Friends and Boat Projects

We're back!  Unforgettable spent the month in Solomon's Island while we had fun visiting family and friends both in Maryland and Missouri. Since this is mostly a boating blog I will start with her, our beloved Unforgettable. She spent a few days at Calverts Marina then moved to Washburns Boat Yard to begin her enhancements. Scott... Continue Reading →

One Year and 4507 nm of Cruising

 It was a long 52 hour crossing to Charleston. Highlights included a spectacular green flash at sunset, a gorgeous bright moon, some leaping animals (not flying fish but don't know what they were) and Scott catching another Mahi Mahi. The first 50 nm and last 75 nm were much rougher than I expected with the... Continue Reading →

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