Our Baby Has A New Bottom!

Hauling the boat out of the water is a necessary evil typically occurring every two years.  Scott always has a lengthy list of items that he expects to be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.  This was no exception.  Also typical of a haul-out are a few surprises and rarely are those surprises... Continue Reading →


Gunkholing, for the non-boaters, is the practicing of dropping your hook in a secluded, scenic cove.  With 6,000 miles of shoreline in the Chesapeake Bay there's no shortage of scenic coves and we set out to explore some of these special spots. The East River (off Mobjack Bay), the Corrotoman River (off the Rappahannock River),... Continue Reading →

Fun Suckers!

Fun suckers!!!  Yes, we had a few fun suckers while coming north to Norfolk, VA, located at the base of the Chesapeake Bay.  The rain, wind, and cool temperatures sucked fun right out of our trip.  Our plan to travel leisurely and explore beaches was "all wet!"  We had looked forward to visiting Ocracoke, returning... Continue Reading →

The Highs and a Low

In cruising from Stuart, FL to Beaufort, SC we've experienced some wonderful highs and sadly, a disconcerting low.  Scott checked off a bucket list item when we watched the thrilling manned launch at Cape Canaveral.  It was a spectacular site from our vantage point in the launch viewing anchorage.  We were as close as was... Continue Reading →

Now Where Do We Go?

Finally, we are heading north...to Alaska?  Nah, just to the Chesapeake Bay or perhaps Cape Cod, or perhaps Maine.  We have no idea how far we will ultimately travel.  We could settle into a marina in Solomon's Island, MD or explore anchorages around the Chesapeake Bay.  These would probably the safest and easiest options.  Or... Continue Reading →

The Bahamas is closed

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas closed the borders at 9 a.m. today and specifically stated that private boats would not be allowed to enter or transit until March 31.  Why is that important to us?  Our easiest route is through the Islands which gives us protection from winds and waves with plenty of anchorages. ... Continue Reading →

Self-isolating in Turks and Caicos

This blog post was supposed to be about our fun times in Turks and Caicos with 3 sets of guests.  Rather, it is about the coronavirus and self-isolating.  Like everyone else, our world has turned upside-down. Don't get me wrong, we appreciate that we are isolated in a beautiful location with wonderful weather and being... Continue Reading →

George Town to Turks and Caicos

  It was a windy five days in George Town.  How windy was it?  So windy we didn't leave the boat for three of the days and wished we hadn't one day.  There were 332 other boats in Elizabeth Harbor poised to participate in the Cruisers Regatta which began the day after we left.  Darn! ... Continue Reading →

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