North to Hopetown, Abacos

While in Rock Sound (southern Eleuthera) we were constantly monitoring the forecast for the crossing from Spanish Wells in northern Eleuthera to the Abacos. Sometimes we begin our monitoring as much as two weeks prior to an important crossing. This particular trip crosses the open waters of the Atlantic so we were looking for small... Continue Reading →

Rock Sound and Southern Eleuthera

As I mentioned in the previous blog, we didn't plan to arrive in Rock Sound as quickly as we did.  Poor holding in anchorages forced us to move on south to Rock Sound where there was a protected anchorage with good holding.  We had hoped to time our arrival with the Homecoming event that occurred... Continue Reading →

Georgetown – New Providence

Serene: calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil. Serene was just another 6-letter word, one that I had never used to describe myself, until we anchored in the Exumas. Serene was the perfect description of the anchorage at Little Farmers Cay. We were one of only 4 boats anchored there and it was gorgeous. It was a... Continue Reading →

Black Point to Georgetown

Many cruisers have sung the praises of Black Point and we now can sing a verse, too! Thank you to Fred and Carolyn on Casablanca for suggesting that we bring school supplies to the Black Point All Ages School (Grades K-9). We brought flash cards for the lower grades and novels for the upper grades.... Continue Reading →

Exuma Cays

I'd like to start off by saying two important things: 1. I do not have words to describe the beauty of the shades of blues and greens of the waters. Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, breathtaking...all are appropriate but don't seem to do justice to Bahamian waters. 2. "Cay" is pronounced "key" and means island. Looking for... Continue Reading →

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