Headed for New Territory

Maine...buttered lobster rolls, blueberries, fog, lighthouses, lobster pots, rocky beaches, and did I mention buttered lobster rolls?  No doubt in my mind, the main reason to visit to Maine is the buttered lobster rolls!  Typical mornings of fog. We had a series of fairly short day cruises with anchorages at Port Washington, NY, Branford, CT,... Continue Reading →

Finally…Family Time!

Shame on me for not writing sooner! Now I have a lot of time and places to cover and I will try not to drown you in too many details! I hope I'm still living on a boat and walking the docks at 91.5 years old like Marty! As usual, we rushed up the ICW... Continue Reading →

Our Worst Day Aboard Unforgettable

Starting from where we left off at our anchorage at Cat Island, we could see Little San Salvador, commonly known as Half Moon Bay, to our west. This made for a short cruise as we headed northward toward the Abacos. Little San Salvador is small private island owned by the cruise ship industry, thus we... Continue Reading →

Long Island to Florida?

Florida?  What the heck?  We're not going back to the states until late May!  So we thought, until Scott's tooth became infected and the side of his face swelled, his eye hurt, and his mouth was in great pain.  We had been excited to explore a "new to us" place, Long Island, but those plans... Continue Reading →

Staniel Cay to George Town

From Staniel Cay to George Town our goal was to find some greens: spinach, lettuce, arugula, anything to create a salad. Unfortunately, our timing never aligned with the mail boat's timing. The tiny Pink and Blue stores in Staniel Cay had very little produce but we did find 2 extra large bags of frozen mixed... Continue Reading →

Life in the Berry Islands

Doing my share of the davit repair, refilling the hydraulic fluid. Notice the gap in which I must shimmy and no wires or tubing can be disturbed. Yeah, the new part for the davit worked!!!! There were some hoops to go through facing paying $1600 for import duty+ $850 for VAT; Scott convinced Customs that... Continue Reading →

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