December on dirt

What a long month it has been living on dirt. I would choose living on the water any day over living on dirt but three things I really appreciate about dirt living are...super soft, thick, luxurious toilet paper (on Unforgettable we must use single ply), watching the Today Show, and having the ability to go... Continue Reading →

Charleston, SC to Stuart, FL

With Steve and Sandy, our mentors, we filled the galley to the brim with food and headed south from Charleston, SC for the final leg of our journey to Stuart, FL. Our first stop was a marina in Beaufort (pronounced būfurt)f or 2 nights. The evening we arrived Scott and I took a nice, lovely... Continue Reading →

Wilmington to Charleston

We spent 4 days traveling from Wilmington, SC to Charleston, SC, a total of only 165 nautical miles. This was the most leisurely pace that we had ever traveled. Our typical mode has been rush, rush, rush. We finished each day with plenty of time to do yoga together and prepare a nice dinner. Although... Continue Reading →

Icebergs and Northern Lights

Thank you WOW airlines for being inexpensive and for allowing us to have a 5 night layover in beautiful Iceland! (WOW was just purchased by Icelandair so prices will probably rise.)  What a great opportunity to get to know the safest country in the world.  I know it's confusing that Greenland is all white with... Continue Reading →

Germany: Our non-boating adventure

I don't really enjoy transcontinental flights but mit was worth it to see my son, Clayton. It took 4 flights to get to Frankfurt from the small and charming airport in Wilmington, NC. I was quite surprised when they pulled me aside in the security line to check my backpack which was full of snacks.... Continue Reading →

Heading South Into Hurricane Michael

On Sunday morning the rendezvous concluded and we untied 8 lines from our boat and our next door neighbors' boats and headed south from Solomons, MD. It's a pleasure washing dishes with this view. It was a gorgeous day on the Chesapeake Bay followed by a gorgeous sunset in the Piankatank River where we anchored.... Continue Reading →

Kadey-Krogen Rendezvous

What an action-packed, educational, motivational and fun 5 days we had at the Kadey-Krogen rendezvous. Former, current and wannabe Krogen owners meet annually at Calvert's Marina in Solomons, MD. Every day began at 6:45 a.m. with either yoga or a 4 mile walk and concluded as late a 11:00 p.m. the night of the dance.... Continue Reading →

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