Kadey-Krogen Rendezvous

What an action-packed, educational, motivational and fun 5 days we had at the Kadey-Krogen rendezvous. Former, current and wannabe Krogen owners meet annually at Calvert's Marina in Solomons, MD. Every day began at 6:45 a.m. with either yoga or a 4 mile walk and concluded as late a 11:00 p.m. the night of the dance.... Continue Reading →

Cool Things Happen

Some pretty cool things have happened around Unforgettable this past month. Although we haven't traveled we have had a fabulous time in the Solomons/California, MD area. The most important cool thing was actually what didn’t happen and that was Hurricane Florence. We had nary a drop of wind or rain. We will probably experience the... Continue Reading →

Where do we go? What do we do?

Weather is always a major topic among boaters. It determines not only where we go, when we go (or if we go at all) but also things like how many lines and fenders to put out, anchoring techniques and many more details of our lives. Everything about boating is, "weather dependent," as Scott always says.... Continue Reading →

Out of water, out of home

  Unforgettable got all gussied up this past two weeks!  She weighs in at 100,000 lbs. with tanks half full so it takes a huge travel-lift to lift her big bottom out of the water! Prior to being pulled out of the water she had to be inched up to the ground to remove both... Continue Reading →


We puttered across the bay from St. Michaels to Annapolis which I learned is actually a small town, population 40,000.  En route we asked the Lieutenant Commander at the Naval Academy for permission to stay in their anchorage.  Apparently it is quite rare to be granted permission.  I guess it pays to know the right... Continue Reading →

Back to the Bay: St. Michaels

  I had some concerns about traveling back down the East River with predicted storms without the stabilizers. We had to take a short detour back to Liberty Landing to fill up with water (400 gal.) and pick up mail and packages. We were down to about 15 gallon of water because it had been... Continue Reading →

Long Island Sound

Sunday evening we returned to the boat to learn that the pump out boat at Liberty Landing Marina was broken. This sent us into a tizzy because it had been 13 days since we last pumped out and we had had guests for 3 nights which meant we were pretty full of poop! Many people... Continue Reading →

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