Humane Society Exuma: Help us, help them

When we purchased “Unforgettable” we did so thinking that we could some how use the boat to help others.  I wasn’t sure exactly how that would work but I felt confidant that something would fall into place.  Finally, I feel that we can start to fulfill that dream.  The “others” that we are helping are not humans as I had envisioned, but the dogs and cats of Exuma.

I am super, super excited to ask for your help.  We are filling “Unforgettable” with much needed supplies for the Humane Society Exuma. (Check them out of Facebook)  They receive no government funding.  This island is fairly remote so there aren’t many visitors bringing supplies.  Did you know 1 dog and it’s puppies can have 67,000 puppies in 6 years?  This dedicated organization works to spay/neuter then coordinate adoptions.  The cost of shipping and VAT makes it extremely expensive for them to get supplies and medications, especially with no real budget.  I encourage you to take 5 minutes and google the quality of life of the homeless potcake dogs in the Bahamas.  Your donation will help the quality of life for the cats and dogs through vaccines, medications and population control through spay/neutering.

How can you help?
1.  Make a donation on PayPal to
2.  Send items or money to us:  Sunset Bay Marina       615 SW Anchorage Way           Stuart, FL    34994
      Have them arrive by Jan. 21
      Collars, leashes, harnesses, soft-sided pet carriers for cats/puppies, laundry detergent        pods, etc.
      Check the list below on Amazon for more ideas.
3.  Order items from their list on Amazon:                Have them sent to us at above address and arrive by Jan. 21.  If you can find a better price somewhere else…go for it.
 4.  They are thrilled to receive even out of date medicines from your veterinarian!!!
5.  If your items cannot arrive in Stuart by Jan. 21 I am working on a reservation at a marina in Ft. Lauderdale which will be our next major stop where we are having our watermaker expanded.  I will post that address when it is confirmed.
Thanks in advance for helping us help others.  This is our dream come true!


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