New York: The city and the country with our sons

We spent eleven wonderful days in New York with our boys: Clayton, Scott and Chris. Technically, they are men but will always be our boys in our hearts. We spent 4 days with my oldest, Clayton, showing him the big city and 4 days with Scott’s son, Scott and his husband Chris, relaxing at their cabin in the woods of Narrowsburg.

I never tire of seeing this lady!

Entering New York harbor has been a huge thrill for me and this time was no exception. The Statue of Liberty greets us as it has greeted immigrants since 1886. As we took the Circle Line tour around the island of Manhattan we learned a few interesting facts about the gift from France. Lady Liberty is modeled after a Roman robed liberty goddess and the seven points in her crown represent the seven seas. One foot steps forward from a broken shackle and chain representing the national abolition of slavery.

Photo by the nice folks on a Fleming named Mallard.

Docking at Liberty Landing Marina provides the best views of the city which can only be achieved from across the water. The flybridge was the perfect viewing spot for the fireworks on the fourth of July with the Freedom Tower in the background.

Since it was Clayton’s first time in the Big Apple we attempted to see as much as possible with a ride on the HOHO (Hop On, Hop Off) through uptown and downtown, and a cruise around the island of Manhattan. We walked several miles, observed a silent rave, visited an empty Tesla showroom, and tried a variety of foods.

We absolutely love the abrupt change of pace when we go to the cabin. It’s not just about putting on the brakes, it’s completely turning off the engine and listening to the glorious sounds of the birds. It’s walking through the woods, enjoying the views of the hills and rivers. It’s enjoying a glass of local wine or beer. It’s relaxing in the woods with the deer and lots of cuddles with Mr. Niles. To top it all off…Scott and Chris cooked amazing meals for us!

I could see renting a furnished apartment in NYC for a few month. I could see spending more time in the woods of NY. These two worlds couldn’t be more diametrically opposed yet we enjoy them both. We are so lucky to have had these amazing visits with our sons and LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE WITH THEM!!!

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