Cape Cod to Chesapeake Bay

From Boston we headed through the Cape Cod Canal to Onset, Massachusetts which appeared to be worthy of a longer stop next time. However, we were on a mission to get to Nantucket; I had looked forward to this visit for two years. Ultimately, I was a bit disappointed in our time spent in Nantucket for several reasons, one being winds and a storm keeping us on the boat for two days. We are rather conservative in choosing when to raise and lower the dinghy in higher winds and currents. We did enjoy a nice bike ride one day but didn’t really get out to the countryside which I love there. I was hoping for a repeat visit to the Whaling Museum and the Shipwreck and Life-Saving Museum but my Captain wasn’t up for it. Several restaurants were closed and had limited hours and finally, the colorful Lilly Pulitzer store didn’t have a single sale item. Drat!

My taste buds had been set on one final lobster roll and quahog chowder in Martha’s Vineyard but the weather prevented us from stopping so we cruised on to Greenport a few days earlier than planned. We were thrilled to have our first over-night guests in 1.5 years: Our handsome son and son-in-law, Scott and Chris! Since they came by car we were able to check out Shelter Island, a winery, brewery, and several restaurants. We have sorely missed having family and friends on board and enjoyed every minute with them.

Enough lollygagging and having fun. Time to switch gears and make a 4 day mad dash to head west to NYC then south to the Chesapeake Bay. The morning we left Greenport the Long Island Sound was reported as having 2′ seas. Wrong! They are 5′ on the bow with a 3 second period. Translation…every 3 seconds the bow of the boat was going up in the air then down into the wave. Miraculously, nothing inside the boat broke but it was a very noisy ride with cabinet contents clanking and falling. During times like this we keep our butts in our seats in the pilot house and only rise for bathroom breaks or quick food. For me, I was just thankful that the waves and wind was hitting us on the bow because that direction doesn’t make me sick! We considered turning back but stuck it out the 85 nm to Port Washington where we rushed to shore to get our flu shot at the grocery store. We are required to have both the flu shot and covid vaccine in order to participate in a full day CPR/Life saving class at our upcoming Krogen Rendezvous.

Day 2 of the mad dash took us down the East River, which is always a thrill, and across NY Harbor to Great Kills, NJ. Just as we were pulling into the Mansion Marina the rain, thunder and lightening began, and ended just after we finish docking. This is how is always seems to happen. What a wonderful surprise when we learned that our friends on Privateer were docked in the same marina so we had a delightful evening with Lisa and Greg.

Atlantic City at sunset.

Day 3-4 of our mad dash lasted 24 hours and took us down the Jersey shore in the Atlantic, up the Delaware River and into the C-D Canal to Chesapeake City. It feels safe like coming home every time we return to the Chesapeake Bay, although, I’m in a sleep-deprived fog. Again, my 5 hour portion of the night shift was the Delaware River. At least there was no fog this time and a quarter moon to light my way! Tonight we are docked at Schaefer’s Canal House so it’s just a few feet from the boat to the dining table. As we were getting ready for dinner I look out the aft deck and a familiar boat appears…Dave and Tricia on Lauryl Anne so we had fun dinner companions!

Yes, she needs a cleaning! So convenient docking at the restaurant.

Time to explore a new city…Baltimore!

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