D.C. Bound Day 15-20 St. Mary’s MD

We had calm waters heading to the first river coming into the Rappahannock from Hampton, VA.  We have been blessed with fabulous weather and flat seas so far but know that the day will come that we will experience the true test of big waves and big storms.  We anchored right next to Tides Inn Marina which looked like a fun place with a pool and live music.  The entire cove was lovely.

The following day we had the same gorgeous conditions traveling into the Potomac and up the St. Mary’s river.  We spent the entire trip in the fly bridge enjoying the view and breeze.  We anchored next to St. Mary’s College.   We took the dinghy to check out the docks at St. Mary’s college and met another dinghy with it’s two occupants attempting to paddle back to their boat so we gave them a lift.  We also took a quick tour around the river admiring the fabulous scenery.  I am beginning to understand why so many boaters stay in the Chesapeake during the summer.

unfor surrounded

On Sunday my daughter Allegra and her boyfriend Brandon joined us for a lazy day on the water.  Allegra is determined to raise my comfort level in the water and insisted we attempt to tread water.  For me it was a feat just to get in the water!  I should never have watched the movie “Jaws” many years ago.   She was afraid the fish would nibble on her toes and I was worried about sharks biting my thighs!  I slowly worked my way into the water and eventually took off my life jacket and lounged on a noodle.  I call that progress!!!

We had a great dinghy ride to Ruddy Ducks restaurant on St. George Island for dinner where we enjoyed crab dip, crab flatbread, crab cakes and beer from their brewery which is located on Solomon’s.  This place had a great view of both the Potomac and the St. George River since it was located on a narrow strip of land in the middle.  It was a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day, although it would have been nice if Scott’s boys could have been with us also!

The next day we went to shore for a vigorous 4 mi. walk but were distracted by the St. Mary’s City historical area.  This was the original capital of Maryland and was a very interesting area to tour.  We met Will Gates, the captain of the Maryland Dove, a copy of the original vessel from England that brought the settlers to this shore.  Will shared a wealth of knowledge regarding the history of Maryland and ships.  Adjacent to this historical site is St. Mary’s College, a state university, which owned the docks where we had left the dinghy.  There were free stand up paddle boards and kayaks available for people associated with the college but they said we could use them.


Allegra graciously volunteered to drive us to lunch in Solomon’s at the Lighthouse and to do our errands.  One errand was to visit Washburn’s boatyard.  We were considering this boatyard for major haul-out to be done in September.  We visited her and Brandon’s new apt. and toured Brandon’s work, both were great places.  After dinner at their apartment we said good-bye thinking that we would leave the next morning but while lying in bed we concluded that we should also visit two other boatyards,  Deltaville in VA and Spring Cove in Solomon’s prior to making a final decision for repair work.

We rented a car and drove 3 hrs. to Deltaville, VA to tour their facility.   It was a mere 97 degrees with a real feel of 104 degrees.  The following day we visited Spring Cove boatyard and Marina back in Solomon’s.  I think boat owners spend more time choosing a boatyard than they do their own doctors!  We returned the car, ate lunch with Allegra then pulled up the anchor to head up the Potomac.



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  1. I really enjoy your posts on your Great Adventure. The realization of all your trip the good bad and the ugly. I love the descriptions of your trip the things you see and the things you do.


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