Washington D.C. Part I

We are having a fabulous visit to Washington D.C.  The brand new marina where we are docked, Market Pier, is located at the District Wharf which is home to restaurants, marinas, water taxis,  condo buildings, and other assorted activities.  The marina is located a short walk from the National Mall.

Our son Scott and our daughter Cassandra at the National Archives
flame sun
The flame of an outdoor fire pit and flame of the setting sun.  Taken by Scott M. Eason

We are overjoyed having 3 of our kids, Cassandra, Scott and Allegra, and Allegra’s boyfriend, join us at different times during the week.  Cassandra spent the entire week with us as visiting Washington D.C. was her dream trip.  We are squeezing in as many museums, memorials and sights as possible.  We walked no less than 7 mi. each day for the first 3 days.

Today Scott equalized the batteries and caught up on office work which took up most of the day.  It is important to equalize the batteries for maximum performance.  Then he realized that one of the bilge pumps that pumps water from the lowest points of the boat was destroyed from leaking battery acid.  This required him to hand pump out the bilge.  Although we have 4 other bilge pumps we do want all pumps working in case of an emergency.  My job was to locate a new bilge pump within an uber ride which was a challenge.



Here are some highlights of our week:  we walked the full length of the National Mall from the Supreme Court to the Lincoln Memorial which was 2.6 mi.  We toured the American Art Museum where the Electric Super Highway, the Thomas Hart Benton and the Piano were my favorites.  We saw the Obamas’ portraits in the National Portrait Gallery.  In the Smithsonian Castle, the original Smithsonian museum, Scott entertained us by interacting with Pepper, the robot.  I had heard great reviews about the Spy Museum and they were all correct…it was intriguing seeing the actual tools used by real spies.  The National Archives was surprisingly fascinating, especially the section on our constitutional rights.  We were walking right next to Mitch McConnell, the senate majority leader, at the National WWII Memorial.  Lastly, we toured the Hirschhorn Contemporary Art Museum where we had in-depth discussions about the works we viewed.  Cassandra and I studied some art history in school and love the museums.  Scott enjoyed our descriptions of our favorite pieces afterward much more than he would have enjoyed actually seeing them!





My favorite part of the trip so far was when Allegra played her ukulele and we sang along until her fingers hurt.   This was per Scott’s request because he absolutely loves it when we all sing together!  No amount of sightseeing can rival the time we spend with 3 of our kids!

wharf night
View of the District Wharf from Unforgettable at night.

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  1. Scott and Melissa- We are certainly enjoying your blog. Even though I don’t comment every time, please know we are reading it and following along! Just to share-a number of years ago we visited DC. The Vietnam Memorial was of course a must see for us. However, we were surprised to walk by the Korean Memorial. At the time, neither one of us knew it was there and it was very moving to come upon those lifelike soldiers slogging along. Probably my favorite. The only senator we saw was Strong Thurmond—at least we were pretty sure it was the real thing! At the time I swear I thought he was 180 and they stuffed him and set him up in back of the limo—not really. Our other favorite was Mount Vernon-we really enjoyed that. Scott has enough engineer in him that he was fascinated by George. Even now, when he reads the paper aloud to me I call him George, since George always read the paper to Martha! Continue on your your journey having a wonderful time and safe travels. Patty



  2. Hi Melissa and Scott, what an incredible adventure you are on !! It all sounds so amazing I’ve been catching up on all your days …so living the dream I love it… from all the overnights at sea to the adventures on land one cannot help but feel a little envy!! Not in a bad way of course because I’m so happy for you both … a part of me just longs to be doing the same !!! However I’ll just keep reading and living vicariously through you!! Love you both and look forward to more adventures and at some point having a visit!!! Xo your friend Barbie


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