Washington D.C. Part 2

I write this with my feet propped up in the salon and I do believe this is the most tired I’ve been in years!  Thank goodness I stayed on the boat on Thursday with Scott while he worked on the boat.  It has been a fabulous week filled with family, friends, history, art, architecture, walking and unhealthy food!

I can’t name one particular “favorite” highlight of this half of the week but there were dozens of things that tied for first place.  My favorite building interior was a three way tie between the Library of Congress, the African American Museum of History and Culture and the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art.  My favorite building exterior was the American Indian Museum which we did not have a chance to enter but I loved the waves of honey colored limestone.  Cassandra and I admired the quiet beauty of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial when it was practically empty at the end of the day.  We  spent an entire day in the Museum of Natural History and probably could have stayed longer.  Allegra and I spent a long time reading everything in the Human Origins exhibit while Brandon and Cassandra were less enthused. There was a special exhibit about narwhals which I have always found quite fascinating.  I was not impressed by the famous Hope diamond, I did not care for the dark, drab color nor the setting.  Walking into the Alexander Calder exhibit in the National Gallery of Art was a breath of fresh air and put a huge smile on my face.  By the time we made our last stop of the final day, the Museum of American History, I was a bit “historied” out but made sure to visit the First Lady’s Dress exhibit and was sad that the musical instrument exhibit was closed.   Art and history are two of Cassandra’s fortes so it was a pleasure learning from her as well as the plaques on the displays.

In my happy space amongst the Calders


Finally, we celebrated my triplets birthday.  I can’t believe it’s been 23 years since that magical day.  I am so proud to be their mom as I have loved them since they were little spots on the ultrasound.  As exhausting as that part of my life was I would definitely do it all over again.  Perhaps the last time I was this tired was when I had 4 kids under the age of 3!

Next, we will work our way to Baltimore via a couple of nights stay in Solomon’s for fireworks.

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