December on dirt

What a long month it has been living on dirt. I would choose living on the water any day over living on dirt but three things I really appreciate about dirt living are…super soft, thick, luxurious toilet paper (on Unforgettable we must use single ply), watching the Today Show, and having the ability to go to the grocery store 3 times a day if I need to!

When asked by friends Tom and Mary Ann what our “roses and thorns”  are regarding boat life I responded that everything is a rose except the thorn of getting medical care. Medical care seemed to be the main theme of our trip besides seeing family.

We left Unforgettable in Stuart on Dec. 4 and drove to Punta Gorda, FL for Scott’s 6 medical appointments. He received great news about his two knee replacements looking fabulous but that was countered with the bad news that his hurting hip needs to be replaced. Now the big decision on where and when we can fit that into our schedule. We have our year planned out until mid-October so we were thrilled a steroid shot to the hip relieved all pain, at least for now.

On to St. Louis where the weather was cold but we didn’t have any snow. We had our semi-annual dentist appointments, I had my Ob/Gyn appt, an appointment with a functional medicine doctor and my mammogram. We have officially become “old” people because doctors appointments have dominated our lives this month.

I am in charge of purchasing the Christmas gifts for all the family and I actually feel great pleasure from choosing what I hope is the perfect gift for everyone. In keeping with the Christmas spirit we made peanut brittle, baked cookies, put up the ugliest fake tree, wrapped gifts and sang Christmas carols. Accompanying my family on the piano while singing carols is one of my favorite traditions. This year Cassandra’s boyfriend, Noah, joined us. As a music major his bass voice was a welcome addition!  Each year Scott and I have attended a Christmas concert of some type and this year Scott and Noah experienced their first ballet…The Nutcracker.

With my dapper husband at the ballet.

I NEVER get sick and I got bronchitis. I thought I was going to cough up a lung! Thus, a trip to the urgent care and 4 medications were necessary. The day after Christmas I had started to regain my energy and zip when we received our second Shingrix vaccination and I was knocked out for 3 more days. I had every side effect possible.  We spent the month in a busy tizzy, traveling or I was in a brain fog so this was not a good month for exercise.

Jessie is quite the clarinetist!
Scott’s sons Tom and Tim and their families.

We visited family in Callao, MO and Springfield, MO. We enjoyed attending granddaughter, Jessie’s, Christmas concert and niece, Randi’s, swim meet. We spent a lot of time with my 83-year-old Dad. Scott visited with his brother, Alan, and we saw Scott’s niece Katie, nephew Chris and their families. We attended the Allhands family Christmas dinner (my maiden name) and we dined with a few friends.

Randi was quite impressive at her high school swim meet.
Cassandra and Noah singing carols.

I do have one big regret from this month…I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. I do believe that I am immersed in “living in the moment” which causes me to forget all about my phone and camera. I missed photographing many special and memorable moments. So, my New Year’s resolution is to take more videos and pictures! Now I just have to create more space on my phone!

All in all, we had a lovely visit to Missouri but are thrilled to return home to Unforgettable in Stuart, FL to prepare for the Bahamas, our next destination.

I truly appreciate you for taking the time to read this blog and especially those of you that take the time to write comments.  I am honored.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Tell Scott Larry had a very successful hip replacement here in St. Louis and then got a new ankle…and new skis. Call if you need any referrals. Have a Happy New Year….I see Gen tomorrow. You said it: Pilates for Life and I’m not ready to give up. Love to you both and do enjoy your journals.Dee


  2. You’re not old-just good planners making efficient use of available dry dock time! And as far as photos-memories in the heart are even better than those captured digitally! Sorry we missed you this visit-love and best wishes for a fabulous 2019! Smooth ⛵️ sailing.


  3. Happy New Year.

    I trust all your medical issuers are resolved and you are cleared for your Bahamas Trip. Many great islands and places to enjoy. My hip replacement is is doing fantastic and many benefits were received. Carol and I hope to see you both soon. Safe travels.



  4. So glad we we we’re able to spend an evening with you and the four hours or so went so quickly! We love hearing about your adventures and reading your blog.
    I am curious as to where your you got your second shingrix vaccine because I had one at Costco and now I can’t find anywhere to get the second booster.
    Also, FYI, if you use Google photos there is unlimited storage and it’s free. I am not sure if videos count in that storage space but I think so. You can Google it and find out!
    Enjoy everything the Bahamas has to offer and have a fabulous 2019!


    1. We got it at the Walgreens at Gravois Bluffs. We called many places. We learned that people tell you they don’t have any because it is reserved for folks who are already on their waiting list. What you need to do is just start calling places and putting your name on the list. Walgreens told us they didn’t have any then when we explained our situation they said some had just come in and they said they had not started calling people yet so they let us have two out of that batch.


  5. Hi kids…With my crazy schedule, I don’t always have the opportunity to read your blogs, but when possible, I do, and I certainly enjoy them. Working on the reunion 5 years ago has been such a blessing to connect with new people, such as you, Melissa, and reconnect with Scott. And yes, the pictures are important…it’s a defense against alzheimer’s in my world! That’s why I scrapbook or facebook! Wishing you two all the best, hip replacements and all, in 2019! Hugs!


  6. We really enjoy your blogs. Look forward to more in the future.Your enthusiasm for all of your adventures shines through in everything you write! Makes me feel we are there too! Sorry you were sick while in St. Louis and sorry to hear about Scott’s hip. We wish you a very Happy New Year!
    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S8+, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  7. The medical side sounds like our January. One appt after another. Aging sucks except the part about not having to get up at 0600hrs to go to work every day!


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