Tomorrow’s Crossing: Bahamas to Charleston SC, 380 nm

Off-shore life jackets, life raft, 2 ditch kits, Keenes. We are prepared.

I wrote an entire blog about the week-long drawn out process of preparing for a crossing and the decisions to be made regarding destination, weather, speed of travel, timing of departure, location of departure, and somehow it was LOST! I also wrote about Manjack (Nunjack) Cay, Green Turtle Cay, turtles, rays and BARRACUDAS. My frustration ABOUNDS!!!!!

I tried to convey the stress that Scott has been under and explain how we reached our decisions but, alas, we have now reached a state of calm excitement regarding tomorrow’s crossing. We leave at first light, travel at 8 knots, and should arrive in Charleston about 48 hrs. later.

I look forward to the beauty of the ocean, the moon, the stars, the hope of seeing a whale or at least dolphins, the sunsets, the sunrises, and the gentle peace of being at sea. Weather and sea conditions look good. Our life raft, ditch kits, life jackets, etc. are ready to deploy in case of emergency. Meals are frozen.  I do not look forward to fragmented sleep.

It has been a magnificent 3.5 months in the Bahamas, home of the nicest people, water in spectacular shades of blues and greens, beautiful beaches, soft sands, new friends, and fabulous marine life. I can’t wait to return next winter.



6 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Crossing: Bahamas to Charleston SC, 380 nm

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  1. Safe Crossing and may all your days go well. You guys have had a wonderful trip three and a half months. We all have traveled with you and thank you for thinking of us. Good luck

    Dwain and Joyce


  2. So glad you have gathered many happy memories of your adventures south. However, we are looking forward to seeing you once again on the east coast. We hope to share an anchorage with you once again so scurry north and safe trip to Charleston


  3. So I am wondering if this crossing comes with some difficulty? And 48 hours…of nonstop travel, and do you get to rest/sleep during that time? I so wish you would have a map showing all your destinations. Be safe my friends. And I’m sure Scott has this all under control.


    1. We do take turns sleeping but it is not a full night’s sleep. The Sound might was rough so we slept in the pilot house on the settee and didn’t sleep well. Scott slept 10.5 hrs. The night we returned! A map of our destinations is a great idea! I’ll check into that!


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