June: Family, Friends and Boat Projects

We’re back!  Unforgettable spent the month in Solomon’s Island while we had fun visiting family and friends both in Maryland and Missouri. Since this is mostly a boating blog I will start with her, our beloved Unforgettable.

The shades can be lowered two different ways.

She spent a few days at Calverts Marina then moved to Washburns Boat Yard to begin her enhancements. Scott had been dreaming of a stern thruster for quite some time and was ready to bite the bullet until he learned that fiberglass structural modifications were extensive and too costly. I then felt guilt-free ordering new shades for the saloon.  Now I am lusting for a new rug and cushions for the settees (couches)!

Unforgettable now sports a new 154 lbs Rocna anchor.  Scott did a lot of research, both online and with other boaters after dealing with the old Delta anchor did not consistently grab ahold nor did it grab quickly.  Although it was good exercise for Scott, he was tired of having to constantly dive on the anchor to check on in and stand it up.  Imagine swimming out 150′ from the boat, diving down 10-15′, and righting the anchor so it can grab the bottom when we back down on it (put the boat in reverse in order to set the anchor).  Righting the anchor involves turning it tip down while having no point of leverage for his body.

She was hauled out to receive her annual deep clean and paint touch-up. We learned that her red boot stripe had faded so she received two new coats of red near the waterline. She also had normal maintenance work such as her zincs replaced and intake grates repainted.

She was then returned to the water and had a 12 kw generator repair, battery room floor repaint and normal maintenance on the four diesel engines. All engines have been converted to John Deere oil in order to get a 60%+ longer life.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed several evenings with family and friends. We hosted a barbecue on board with daughter Allegra’s boyfriend’s family. We dined with Al and Susan on Toucan, KJ and Matt on Chicane IV, and Scott’s nephew and his wife who purchased a boat in Solomon’s. It was especially fun hanging out with Allegra, Brandon, and their new kitty, Marceline and their Bernese Mountain puppy, Simon. They stole my heart!

We then arrive at our condo in Missouri greeted by a puddle of water and a fowl smell in the kitchen.  Oh, no!  The refrigerator had stopped working!  We immediately went to Lowe’s to purchase a new one.  Coincidentally, the day before we had picked out a new one for the boat.  We were hoping to prevent that problem from happening in the first place.

Our days in Missouri were spent dealing with 17 medical appointments. We moved all of our doctors to Missouri since we would always visit there to see family and friends. Scott also interviewed orthopedic surgeons for his upcoming hip replacement in November. It will be so nice when he can join me again for 4 mi. walks and hikes. On the weekends we traveled to Macon to visit sons Tom and Tim and their family at their cabin, and to Springfield to visit my father and relatives. My cousin, Suzette, and her husband, Billy, just purchased a boat and they gave us a treat by taking us on Table Rock Lake for the day.  It was quite a thrill going 35 mph!!!  In the evenings we could only squeeze in about half of the friends were were hoping to see in our short 2.5 week visit.  We certainly miss seeing everyone and look forward to another visit in the winter. Unfortunately we didn’t take nearly enough photos of everyone!

Next up…Chesapeake Bay to NYC!

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  1. Come and join us in Nova Scotia. Quainter, cheaper, prettier and quiter than east coast US! Truly, summer is now here with temps in the high 20s centigrade and SW wind. Wherever, enjoy yourselves and all the best.


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