I love NYC!!!

Brooklyn Bridge
I love NYC!!! I love the energy, the sounds, and the subway. The subway? Yes, I even love riding the subway and experiencing different languages, accents, styles of dress and different religions, a smattering of everything. I even like seeing the guy with the horns coming out of his nose which sits on a face completely covered in tattoos and piercing. I guess my normal may be as odd to others, as their normal may seem odd to me. I appreciate the feeling that my world is just a tiny speck that’s part of a huge and diverse world.
Toni and David from Punta Gorda in the Met.
I love the cultural opportunities in the city. We spent the day at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and it fed my soul. I love walking into a room and seeing a painting that makes me feel like I am greeting an old friend, a feeling of comfort and ease. Or the feelings of joy when a work makes me smile all the way to the pit of my stomach. Even the works that evoke the phrase “what were they thinking?” stimulate my brain and fill me with curiosity. We enjoyed part of our day with friends from Punta Gorda, Toni and David, who were visiting for the weekend.
During our month at Liberty Landing Marina we did a lot of walking and exploring, which I love. We took the ferry to Brookfield Place/Oculus then walked to new places, such as the High Line, South Street Seaport and Jersey City, and old favorites like Little Italy, Chinatown and Brooklyn Heights. We walked 2 mi. to the High Line, a 1.45 mi. park created on an elevated former rail line. There are over 500 species of plants and trees several stories above ground with and world-class artwork interspersed. We walked to eat gnocchi in Little Italy. One day we walked to Chinatown for lunch and a bought a $15 Seiko watch, could it be a knock off? We walked to the newly renovated South Street Seaport and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Bevacco in Brooklyn Heights.
One afternoon we explored Jersey City, NJ which was surprisingly clean. The downtown area was pleasant but has quite the violent sculpture with the inscription: 1939 Siberia.
I love

sharing Unforgettable with family and friends. Scott’s son, Scott, and his husband, Chris, invited a few friends over one evening and we enjoyed a breathtaking sunset cruise around lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. It is a thrill seeing the lights shimmer as the sun reflects on the high-rises. That particular evening we had gorgeous weather and a sweet pink sunset.

We took 2 side trips while Unforgettable was docked at the marina. We spent a weekend in Narrowsburg, NY and 5 nights in Seattle, WA. Son Scott and Chris, have a wonderful log cabin on 5 wooded acres in the charming town of Narrowsburg. Visiting the cabin gives us an opportunity to sit back, prop up our feet, and say “Ahhhhhh.” It was extra nice in the cool country setting since it was 99* in the city. There’s something special about spending time in the woods and watching for bears, which unfortunately, we did not see. Maybe next time!
Visiting our favorite 5.5 year old granddaughter, Juniper, was non-stop fun and love! It is amazing how much knowledge a child that age can hold! We held Grandparents Camp and packed as many activities as possible into our time there. We took our 3rd annual ride on the ferris wheel and visited their fabulous aquarium and a fire station. We observed her swimming lessons, hiked in Discovery Park, sampled cotton candy (which surprisingly she disliked), read books and shared hugs. Of course, we also loved spending time with Ryan and Lindsey.
Our final evening on our aft deck. Love the shimmering lights as the sun sets. I am amazed that from the water the city appears peaceful and quiet despite the 1.7 million people scurrying about.
Our fabulous month in NYC flew by. A month we will never forget as we also celebrated our 3rd anniversary and my 60th birthday. But, it wasn’t all fun and games while we were there, Scott also completed several projects. All good things must come to an end and one month in one place is a long time so we were ready to explore new territory. Onward to Essex, Mystic Seaport, and Wickford.

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  1. I truly enjoy reading your posts about your awesome adventures and enjoy the beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Melissa, your blog is fabulous and is an excellent recount of events since the last one. It’s easy to understand why you get accolades from your following readers.

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  3. I am so sorry I missed your birthday and anniversary! NYC is a wonderful place to celebrate – can you believe how old we are?! Congratulations and best wishes!


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