There’s No Place Like Home!

Although sometimes it’s a lot of work, a pain in the neck when dealing with difficult wifi, and challenging to insert pictures, I truly enjoy writing this blog.  So why haven’t I written since November?  Basically, I had a huge, dark cloud hanging over me while away from Unforgettable, both literally and figuratively.  Thus, the title:  “There’s no place like home!”  I’m happy to be back home and happy to write my blog.

At home in happy colors again!

I’ve never considered myself a homebody and always loved to travel but it’s become more and more difficult to be away for any length of time.  I was crabby and whined the entire time about missing the colors of nature, the sway of the boat, the fresh air, the sunshine, the nice weather, the sunsets, my galley, my bed, and on and on. My happiness level zoomed to 110% upon stepping onto the boat on Dec. 29 and has stayed elevated ever since! I am so in love with my life on board our floating home, Unforgettable!

So why have I not published the blog before now?  I have spent every spare minute working on our “makeover.”  I had envisioned opening the aft door on Dec. 29 to the completed project… of course that didn’t happen.  Not one item was completed but that’s okay because the beauty of the final effect will be totally worth the wait.  While in MO we did choose the coverings for the cushions in the salon, pilot house, and stressless chairs (Ultra Leather Pro) and the main rug.  Since returning home I have gone down so many rabbit holes on Pinterest and Etsy looking for the perfect wall decor, rugs and lamps.  At night I dream of little colorful squares with prices scrolling down a computer screen or lie awake envisioning the different options.  Katie, our decorator has been wonderful to work with and has been very patient with me as I have great difficulties making a decision.  I can’t wait to see, and share, the pictures of the completed project.

While in Missouri Scott had his hip replaced which turned out to be extremely different from our expectations.  Everyone had told him that hips are easier than knees so we expected a slam dunk recovery.  In some ways it was easier but in many ways it was more difficult.  Mentally it was a challenge for Scott as he was disappointed in his progress despite the doctor, nurses and physical therapists reassuring him that he was weeks ahead of the normal recovery time.  He is now doing quite well walking, doing boat chores, and swimming 3/4 mi. which is his standard of measurement.  I’m sure he will be back to a full mile before we leave Stuart.

Jessie is ready to hunt with her Dad (Tim) or the first time. You can see she’s a little dubious.

We enjoyed our time with family in Bevier,  Springfield, and St. Louis, MO.  At the cabin in Bevier granddaughter Jessie shot her first deer.  I adored our time with granddaughters, Juniper and Sylvia in Seattle!  I know I’m only a step-grandmother but I couldn’t love all the “grands” any more if they were my blood. We also managed to squeeze in time with friends and often met with some at lunch and others for dinner.  Unfortunately, we just couldn’t get to everyone on our list.

Scott has had, or is having, a lot of items checked off his list of repairs, maintenance and upgrades.  Parts could not be located for the swim platform bump rail and water heater insulation jacket, however, an electric grill is being installed on the aft deck by the sink and a new faucet.  Two and a half years ago when we bought the boat we knew the batteries wouldn’t last forever so the 20 house batteries and engines batteries will be replaced next week.  Also, the two navigation batteries have been replaced.  Additionally, 4 of our 7 Garmin cameras will be replaced as the prior ones did not hold up to the past two years of off-shore conditions.  The two propane tanks and their storage box were removed to make way for future kayaks and a stand-up paddle board. (I can’t wait!)  He had the engine room’s exhaust airflow reversed and converted it to 24 vdc so it can now be run without using a generator.  A new generator battery charger was installed and the port side engine muffler was replaced.  Steel brackets for the main hydraulic pump were installed to replace the previous aluminum ones.  I certainly appreciate Scott’s proactive stance on making Unforgettable as reliable as possible by replacing and upgrading prior to problems arising.

New bar dish soap from Bestowed Essentials through Hippie Haven Shop.

The process of provisioning for 3.5 mths. in the Bahamas has officially begun…we have 90 rolls of toilet paper and 44 rolls of paper towels!  It doesn’t sound like it but we are trying to use fewer paper and plastic products.  The bar dish soap arrived today and I have switched to bar shampoo and conditioner which I like much more than the traditional version.  We are also attempting to purchase items that do not damage coral.  I welcome your input on items that you have used successfully that are safer for the environment and our health!!!

In Missouri the gray, cold, rain, clouds and snow put a damper on our spirits and reminded us that our home and “happy place” is on our colorful home, Unforgettable, located in warmer climates.  My happiness level is already sky high now that I am back home, back in sun and warmth, and back with the blog.  When the “makeover” is completed my happiness level will be immeasurable!  I am one lucky woman!



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  1. Hi there congratulations on your new GrandBaby!! Always exciting …and of course the addition of Scott’s new hip!! As I read your blog I can so picture your smiling face and it makes me smile too! Keep on enjoying life my friend it just keeps getting better!!!
    Love and hugs Barb


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