Finally the Boat Makeover


Welcome to our saloon!

Finally the makeover is complete.   The last piece was delivered the day before we left Stuart (the refinished round table).  Our “ugly pole” was not replaced, much to my dismay.  Hopefully, the color and beauty of the rest of the room will not be darkened by the homely pole in the galley at the end of the upper cabinets.  We feel that the rug’s resemblance to water brings a calming effect that ties everything together.

We received the “All hands on deck” blanket for Christmas…a perfect gift!

Scott gets credit for choosing red for the stressless chairs and Katie Astras, our decorator, saved us from a few faux pas by gently saying, “You don’t want THAT!” As mentioned in the previous blog I spent countless hours both day and night searching for the perfect pieces and then worrying about how everything would harmonize together.  We couldn’t be happier with the finished space!

We love the pillows that Katie chose.

Thanks to Etsy we were able to collect handmade items from around the USA.  The navy woven rug at the entry was made from boat ropes by a woman in Kodiak, Alaska.  The fused glass Mondrian-ish clock was made by an artist in Michigan.  Our round table was re-finished by Philip in Stuart, FL.  The crab and sea star behind the settee were from Leoma Lovegrove in Matlacha, FL and the piece d’resistance, The Wave was painted by an artist in Seattle.

The beauty of The Wave outshines the “ugly pole.”

Recovering the settee in the pilot house and 3 new pillows make the space brighter and more cheerful.  We switched to yellow place mats and are enjoying the soft feel of the ultra leather during long cruises.

A comfy place to snooze on overnighters.

And here we have our “before” pictures.

11 thoughts on “Finally the Boat Makeover

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  1. Scott & Melissa,
    What a makeover. She really looks beautiful. Goes to show you what thoughtful planning can do. It is beyond my expertise. Thanks for the blog. Great photos. The before and after photos really show the results.
    Great job,
    George & Carol


  2. Wow!!! The makeover is absolutely beautiful!!! 💋
    Love the carpet and the wave! I can’t wait to sit in your new saloon in April! Nicely done Scott and Melissa👌😁


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