The Bahamas is closed

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas closed the borders at 9 a.m. today and specifically stated that private boats would not be allowed to enter or transit until March 31.  Why is that important to us?  Our easiest route is through the Islands which gives us protection from winds and waves with plenty of anchorages.  We immediately started calling the US embassy and Immigrations which, of course, were closed.  A sleepless night ensued.

This morning we started calling anyone and everyone that we thought might help get us through. The US Embassy said they couldn’t help us.  We called the Immigration office and a woman said that we could transit but she would not put it in writing in an e-mail.  We then tried the US Coast Guard who said they couldn’t help us.  The Royal Bahamas Defence Force said no and they are the ones on the water that enforce the law.  The Customs office said that we could transit through without anchoring.  Quite the conflicting mess.

I remember a song from Girl Scouts about, “Can’t go under it, can’t go over it, gotta go through it!”  Well, if we can’t go through it, we’ll go around it!  There is an option of going around the Bahamas in international waters.  This route would take 3-4 days going non-stop in open water.  This would not be our preferred method.  However,  it could be possible if we have good weather and that is exactly what our weather guru, Chris Parker, has forecasted.  We’re going for it!

We cut ties with T & C by checking out and paying our marina bill.  Only the Captain of the ship can visit with customs and immigration and we hated to send Scott out into the germs.  He was loaded with disposable gloves, a gator for a mask, purell, and zip lock bags for anything that someone else touched like his credit card.  His clothes went directly into the washing machine and he went straight into the shower.

We’ve never cruised more than 2 consecutive nights so this will be a challenge.   What wimps we are…people cruise across oceans in much less sea-worthy boats than ours all the time and that journey can take weeks! My stress level has raised to the level of having a colon that is completely prepped for a colonoscopy if you know what I mean!  Just having a plan does make me feel better and once underway I anticipate it will continue to abate somewhat.  Since we eat Whole Food Plant Based we really don’t have junk on board for stress eating.  Bingeing on fruit and grains just doesn’t appeal like homemade chocolate chip cookies!

While underway we will have radio, Sat phone and Sat e-mail.  Feel free to contact us at:   A positive note or something funny would be appreciated.  Thank you for all of your supportive and kind comments.  We certainly appreciate you taking the time to read our little blog and for your responses.

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  1. Safe travels and I am confident that you and Scott have this! Go steady, calm and everything will work out for each and everyone of us! 🇺🇸🙏🏻


  2. Well you will be safe from the caronavirus while at sea. So think positive. Good weather is a God send for a safe trip. Keeping awake is a challenge with veggies. Do you have any espresso on board?

    A Kadey Krogen is the only ship I would like to make this journey. You will do just fine. I will keep track of your progress on the tracking link. Here is to your return to the US. Hopefully by then we will see a down trend to this mess.

    Safe travels,


  3. We are thinking about you guys! I know it is a hard decision. We talked about it here on Acadia, and we think we would go thru the Bahamas without stopping…what are they gonna do? They don’t want you there, they don’t want you to stop…but you could if you had to. Everyone (including the Bahamas) is making up the rules on a daily basis…this is unprecedented. We are thinking about you guys and sending you virtual chocolate chip cookies! Do you guys have a tracker we can watch?

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  4. Wowzer! You got this, praying for complete peace as you journey…Scott said he’d have a chili dog waiting for you when you get done😉

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  5. Oh Melissa and Scott!!! You both have been in my thoughts and prayers for days! Your blogs speak clearly of your angst. You both are a strong team, and this is your ‘quarantine marathon” story to share for years to come. I’ll bet you’ll be writing a book Melissa!
    A month ago my brother and I spoke briefly about how there’s really no safer place to be right now than at sea. I get that. But, I also get being quarantined with a fridge full of veggies. If I could send you some chocolate grahams right now from Starbucks I certainly would. Just know, none of us here in St. Lou can go to Starbucks now anyway. We’re on day 2 of a 30 day “stay at Home” ordinance. However, I need some fresh air and we plan to go for a walk in a park tomorrow. Hang in there guys! You’re on quite an adventure of a lifetime! I wish you sunshine, calm seas, and beautiful breezes to guide you home safely.
    Love and hugs to you both!
    Bob and Kathy

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