Now Where Do We Go?

Plumeria Rubra. We have enjoyed the sights and smells on our 4 mile walks. The sweet scent of the frangipani is intoxicating.

Finally, we are heading north…to Alaska?  Nah, just to the Chesapeake Bay or perhaps Cape Cod, or perhaps Maine.  We have no idea how far we will ultimately travel.  We could settle into a marina in Solomon’s Island, MD or explore anchorages around the Chesapeake Bay.  These would probably the safest and easiest options.  Or do we want to face the challenge of multiple 14 day quarantines or marinas that are closed to transients while we explore more northern regions?

Scott misses swimming but he has enjoyed riding his bike 5x a week.  He worked his way up to riding 13 miles on his fold-up Dahon marine bike. It reminds me of a clown bike!

Where do we go and how do we get there?  We will definitely stay in the ICW to Cape Canaveral as we are excited to watch the launch on Saturday!  Then we will definitely cruise to Jacksonville, FL,  where my son can come from his air force base in Valdosta, GA to visit us! After that, who knows?  Should we stop and smell the roses in Cumberland Island, GA?  Maybe we should enjoy the beaches at Cape Lookout?  Or should we go non-stop to Norfolk?  We are not planning on doing many land activities other than to get food which hopefully can be delivered to a dock or marina.

Dressed up in Scott’s work clothes to clean rust stains using acid.

All the above questions have been a huge topic of discussion since our last post in April.  We have lead a fairly boring life consisting mainly of exercise and small boat projects.  I have upped my time spent studying Spanish, there’s been fun conversations with Zoom and Videochat, and we have done a lot of disinfecting.

We have seen some beautiful examples of people helping people during this difficult time.  One example is of a certain young woman I know who, despite having college loans to repay, gave her stimulus check to individuals in need.  Many people have brought food and supplies to elderly, and high-risk boaters.  We also know many folks that have made donations to organizations that feed children and others.  It is so nice to see kindness being expressed for our fellow man.

Hopefully our next blog will be much more interesting and filled with exciting photos!  We are less concerned about where we go, just that we do GET GOING!!!

Sunset on the St. Lucie River from our dinghy.




2 thoughts on “Now Where Do We Go?

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  1. Head north – way north! and yes, Alaska and the PNW would be great and we would even have an anchorage ready for you!.

    Whichever it may be get your …. in gear – there are too many places to explore waiting for your anchor to touch the bottom.


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