Can’t Can’t Do Anything…Focusing On Our Cans

Roseate Spoonbills, Snowy Egrets and Sandhill Cranes

My grandmother told me repeatedly, “Can’t Can’t Do Anything.”  I guess I was a bit negative and needed a reminder to think positive.  Her words have been foremost in our thoughts and actions since returning to Florida.  We CAN’T change the state of the world (although we can help by truly isolating).  We CAN’T help experiencing some feelings of fear, loss of control and vulnerability.  We CAN’T deny our lives have changed and will remain changed for quite some time.  But these CAN’Ts can’t prevent us from finding joy in our daily lives so we are focusing on our CANS!

Here the spoonbills are clearly seen. They sweep their bills side to side in shallow water to forage for shrimp and fish.

We CAN focus on finding ways to manage our situation.  We both experienced physical symptoms of stress caused by the lack of control over our situation and fear of the unknown.  When this peaked we realized that it was time to make a conscious effort to find some control in our lives AND to realize that under any circumstances we really don’t have a lot of control over our lives and that’s okay, too.

Some groceries in isolation in the pilot house. Yes, Scott was allowed to have some Tostitos!

We CAN limit the influx of negativity that comes into our orb.  Scott is severely limiting his intake of news, especially stock market fluctuations.  We are watching comedies, musicals, and lighthearted movies together.  Several times throughout the day we make a point to discuss our positives and pleasant times.  We are thankful for our home, Harborage Marina (our current location), our family and friends, and Instacart (bringing groceries onto the boat is still a bit of a stressor).

Redhead Agama, he’s a beauty!

We are thankful that we are healthy and CAN exercise,  which we are hitting hard.  Scott rides his bike and walks, I do Zumba on Zoom and walk.  We both do Yoga and Pilates.  Scott took the bird photos on his ride by Savannas State Park.  We always get a thrill out of seeing the Roseate Spoonbills.  I enjoy hearing the birds sing and watching the Redhead Agamas run away from me on my walks.  We CAN still socialize with friends and family on Zoom, Facetime, and Facebook.  This has become our connection with the rest of the world.

Creamy, yummy, and healthy Scalloped Potatoes!

I CAN prepare 3 healthy meals a day for one entire month.  This may turn into 3 months or even more.  In fact, we went 3 weeks without going to a grocery store.  Normally Scott likes to go out to eat as much as possible and we haven’t even had carry-out.  I’m thankful that we were already well stocked from our abbreviated time in the islands.  We started off with 97 rolls of toilet paper in January so we are still set.  We are also set with plenty of Whole Food Plant Based recipes using ingredients normally found in a pantry.  In fact, we tried a new recipe for Easter for Scalloped Potatoes that deserved an A+.    (I only used 4# potatoes and put them in a 9×13 pan)  Usually when one tries to make a healthy version of a traditional recipe it’s a big disappointment.  This one, however, is as good or better than my grandmother’s recipe!

I CAN manage to be okay without having a plan.  Normally, I love having life planned out, I like to set goals, I enjoy preparing for upcoming travels, I enjoy the anticipation of upcoming activities and visitors, I even like having schedules.  I know, schedules are a real no-no in boating.  So, what will we do this summer, this fall, next winter?  Who knows?  We have to be north of the South Carolina/North Carolina border by July 1.  How far north will we go?  Our original plan was to go to the Canadian Maritimes or at least as far as Maine.  Our new plan must include ways to obtain groceries safely and virus-free and we must have a back-up marina that will allow transients in case of a hurricane.  Marinas are adding new rules all the time:  14 day quarantines if the boat arrives from another state, no transients, limited stays for transients, closed offices, closed fuel docks, etc.  There’s no use making a plan because at any moment the plan can disintegrate.  So, here we are with no set place to go.

Since “Can’t Can’t Do Anything,” our “Cans” are allowing us to stay pretty happy and upbeat in a strange and difficult time.  Our hearts go out to everyone who is experiencing difficulties.  We must remember, this too shall pass.

Our stay-at-home Easter.



2 thoughts on “Can’t Can’t Do Anything…Focusing On Our Cans

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  1. I understand Melissa! You and I are very much the same in the planning and goal making department~ Bob and I are walking, doing pilates, strength training, and cooking together! We’ll have to try your scalloped potatoes…yum.
    I always appreciate your enthusiasm for change!
    You rock in that department friend! Looking forward to “planning” our next adventure together:-)

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  2. Are taking what comes your way and making it positive! That’s the best way to face anything thanks for your posting it was very uplifting stay safe stay well and know that you’re loved! says:

    You are such a positive person that’s what I love about you! You Are taking what comes your way and making it positive! That’s the best way to face anything thanks for your posting it was very uplifting stay safe stay well and know that you’re loved!

    Liked by 1 person

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