Our paddle wheel plug which caused the wind gauge to malfunction.

Yesterday, as I was doing Zumba via zoom (, the technician runs up from the battery room with a panicked look on his face while shouting for Scott. Moments later, Scott comes in and tells me, “Get your headset, we’re hauling out!” PANIC!!! EMERGENCY HAUL OUT!!!! Immediately, nine men appear from around the boatyard to help us off the dock.

Water came through the hull into the battery room.

Why did panic ensue? Why did our hearts race? Why was everyone running around like crazy? We were taking on water. Long version: a transducer core was pulled out in order to install a missing collar…water came gushing in making it impossible to install the new core and retainer…Scott’s words. Short version: we had a hole in the boat and it couldn’t be plugged…my words. Yes, we do have bilge pumps, which worked perfectly, along with a back up emergency pump ready if we needed it. But we didn’t know if they would keep up with the influx of water.

We pulled out of our slip and drove to the haulout well and, thankfully, there wasn’t another boat in the large lift at that time so we were lifted up immediately, high enough to get the hull above the water. They fixed the transducer, and we went back into the water and to our slip. The problem was solved quickly but it could have been a disaster! In describing the event it doesn’t seem very intense or potentially dangerous but it certainly gave us quite a scare! Washburns did a good job responding with nine yard men running out immediately to help rapidly position us in the slings.

If you read the previous blog you know that we were leaving Solomon’s Island on Monday right after the wind gauge sea trial. The wind gauge was the cause of the aforementioned problem. We had planned to be in Norfolk by the virtual Kadey-Krogen rendezvous which began today. The sea trial failed, our plan was foiled, parts had to be ordered, and re-ordered, installed, and yet another sea trial today…so far so good! Currently, we are remaining in Solomon’s (Spring Cove Marina) to take advantage of their wifi connection for the annual rendezvous. We have fingers crossed for great cruising weather on Sunday to head down the Bay.

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  1. In aviation there is an old saying that when things go wrong, it is better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air as opposed to being in the air and wishing you were on the ground. This same analogy can be used about boating and being on shore. Very glad to hear that this incident happened in a location where it could be quickly rectified. A thanks should also go out to the person who invented marine travel lifts.


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