Donations for Bahamians

Although it is rather last minute we want to do our share to help the Bahamians as they have lost so much in the past 16 months. After weathering the devastating impact from Dorian they received a one-two punch from Covid-19. Tourism accounts for approximately 60% of the GDP and the island chain has been shut down. An example is the popular winter boating spot in Georgetown, Exuma. At this time of year there are typically 150 boats but currently only 40. The people are suffering great losses. Truly, every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated by the Bahamians.

We are continuing our support for the children (schools) and for the animals (Humane Society Exuma Animal Clinic) as we did the previous two years. If you would like to join us here’s how: drop off items below (even if they are only partiallyfull), send us items, cash to purchase the items, or order online and have them delivered to:

Melissa Eason Harborage Marina 955 NW Flagler Ave. Stuart, FL 34994

Schools needs:

Dry erase markers, index cards, construction paper, pens, pencils, ziploc baggies, stickers, lined writing pads for younger students, markers, notebooks, children’s books.

Humane Society needs:

Collars, leashes, hand sanitizer, 13 gallon trash bags, pet training pads, animal ID 20 pack ISO compliant transponder RFID microchip tags, pyrantel pamoate suspension 50 mg, laundry detergent pods.

We plan to leave around January 15 so please have items arrive by Jan. 13. We thank you and the children and stray dogs and cats thank you! Melissa and Scott

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  1. Would love to donate cash since we aren’t nearby…do you have Apple pay? Or another way of accepting monetary donations? Thx!


  2. We’re sending a couple items your way! Here’s the info below. You’re wonderful for doing this!

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