Vaccine Jackpot Winner!

Last week when we learned that in Florida the vaccinations were available to those 65 and over, Scott became obsessed. On Saturday he received a notice that there were 700 shots available in nearby St Lucie County.  Within 5 minutes I made him a snack, he grabbed his things, and he was trotting out the door.  It wasn’t surprising when they ran out when there were still about 50 cars in front of him and a super long line of cars waiting behind him. Darn! He tried so hard but to no avail.

As a man on a mission he was registered in 5 counties and had information on upcoming vaccines sites at Publix and the Cleveland Clinic.  On Sunday an alert system, for which he was registered, contacted him stating that on Monday at 9:30 am appointments would be reserved for 3 days this week. So, by 9:15 Monday morning we were set up in the pilot house with our 2 computers and 2 phones opened to the emails with the links ready to click. Excitement was on the air, he was standing up shaking out his muscles like he did before swim meets in his younger days. Lo, and behold, within 2 minutes we had got through and scheduled him for today at 2:30 in Indian River County, 60 minutes away. We jumped for joy and high-fived! We won the vaccine jackpot!

I write this as we drove home from a perfectly executed, piece-of-cake experience in receiving his Pfizer vaccine from the comfort of our rental car. Scott is downright ecstatic, relieved, and emotional after living in panic mode for the past 11 months. He feels good about being part of the cure to end the hell of the pandemic. Furthermore, between January 11-13 there were only 7 new cases of Covid-19 in the entire country of the Bahamas. In the out islands of the Bahamas we will be significantly safer than in Florida.

However, a vaccine does not give us permission to stop masking, avoiding indoor spaces, distancing, and using gallons of sanitizer. Perhaps by the time we return from the Bahamas there will be a single dose version for me. Vaccines for our loved ones cannot come soon enough for family visits and hugs!

Originally the plan was to leave for the Bahamas right after the shot, but after speaking with Scott’s son and doctor we decided to heed their advice and remain in Stuart for the second dose. True confession… this was a big disappointment. Of course I was thrilled that Scott would be 95% safe but delaying our departure to Great Harbour was a let down. In fact, in my mind I was already on Shell Beach collecting sand dollars at low tide. And, my provisioning was perfectly planned down to the day.

Now we have 3 weeks to relax, see friends from a safe distance, and possibly make a return trip to the gorgeous Everglades National Park in southern Florida. In addition, Scott has already added one more boat project: a larger water heater which he ordered today. Our original 30 gallon heater died while in Georgetown, Exuma. Miraculously, our friend, Roston, found and installed a 12 gallon water heater which we have used for 2 years. In preparation for loads of family visits we will upgrade to another 30 gallons of hot water for our guests.

We are thrilled with the generous donations we received for the Humane society, George Town school and library. Since we are here another 3 weeks it is not too late to donate! We feel blessed to be able to bring needed supplies to the children and animals of the Exumas.

Now we start a new countdown to our departure!

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  1. You are too funny 😂 you make trying to get a vaccine sound like fun!!! Actually you make everything fun and I miss you 😢


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