The UNTHINKABLE, Vaccines and Prepped For Paradise

The unthinkable happened.

In December we finally followed through on our plan from 2.5 years ago to purchase an AED. We read the literature and practiced with it when it arrived and Sunday evening during dinner Scott asked if I remembered what to do. Honestly, I’m known to panic when I see a loved one in a health emergency and he wanted to make sure I could save him. We never thought that it would be put to use the very next morning on a neighboring boat.

I received a call from a friend in the boat across from us telling us to go out to the dock immediately with our AED. Scott grabbed it and ran to the dock without shoes or jacket and followed the directions of the folks on the docks to a nearby boat. I will spare you the details but sadly, they were not able to save the man. Watching the man ride down the dock in a body bag on a gurney is a sobering experience.

We were the only boat on our dock that had an AED. The marina did not have an AED and the yacht club did not have an AED.

One never thinks that an AED will really be needed. One never thinks that it could be needed by a stranger. Although it did not save a life this time, perhaps it was comforting for the widow to know that everything possible was attempted.

We are now prepared for the “UNTHINKABLE” and have 2 sets of pads, one for us and one for someone else in need. I highly recommend purchasing an AED whether you live in a home, an RV or a boat. Contact Alan Karpas at He taught the life-saving course that we took which inspired us. We purchased a Heart Sine from him that is super simple to use. Contact me if you want his phone number. He is in the Chesapeake Bay but will ship.

Thank you, Pfizer!

On a lighter note…Scott received his second Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday! Yeah! No side effects! Yeah!

Bland to wow, juniper to poppy! Scott splurged and had the captain’s chair in the pilot house recovered and painted.

Dave Arnold is one of our boat gurus. He fixed our 18 year old dryer which no appliance guy would come on board and do. Between Dave and Scott Wiley they keep the KK fleet running. Over the last three years these guys have solved many boat woes and performed numerous awesome projects.

The bilges are bulging…just kidding our bilges are spotless! There are still several bags of food in the guest stateroom in isolation. I think we are stuffed, prepped, and ready as can be.

We are taking our covid test tomorrow then will head to paradise in the first good weather window.

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  1. Wow! What an experience Melissa! So glad you both are both prepared and taking all precautions for safety. Good idea to have one even in our homes.

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