Ouch…Big Change of Plans! No Bahamas For Us!

Two days prior to our intended departure for the Bahamas, Scott’s foot slipped on the first of 3 steps going down to the staterooms. No, he didn’t fall down the stairs, he simply fell sideways into the wall. Nevertheless, he was in great pain which prompted us to go to Urgent Care. An x-ray showed that no bones were broken which we hadn’t even considered as a possibility. We hoped it would feel better after a few days of rest and ice and we hoped against hope we could still cross the gulf stream at the next weather window. A few days later the MRI uncovered the real issue, a complete tear in his rotator cuff and two partial tears from a previous incident(s). I had surgical repair on one of my torn cuffs and I rehabbed a tear on the other shoulder. I knew that this could possible postpone our trip by a couple of months.

The beautiful Roosevelt bridge which is next to our marina.

For 2.5 weeks we waited in limbo. We tried to find things to do that didn’t involve his shoulder and didn’t use up anything we had stored for the trip. We spent a great deal of time adjusting our mind set and becoming thankful for what we had. Yes, he had a torn rotator cuff and we could possibly miss out on our beloved Bahamas. However, we are living in a beautiful home, in a wonderful marina, in a nice city, we have access to great medical care, and have many lovely friends around us…not exactly a bad Plan B.

Scott spent hours researching shoulder specialists and set up appointments with three of them. The first recommended surgery. The second wasn’t actually a shoulder specialist despite his website stating that fact. The third checked off all his requirements and surgery is scheduled for Feb. 25. Let’s “Git ‘er done!” We are feeling a sense of relief that we have a course of action set in place and are expecting a good outcome. Physical therapy could last 4-5 months after surgery and then he should be able to resume all activities. Scott is a pro when it comes to PT after experiencing two knee replacements and a hip replacement. We’ve got this!

Since all the big chores have been completed, and we have nothing to prepare or plan for, we have plenty of time to workout every day. We have baked so much sourdough bread we are chock full of prebiotics. I have plenty of time to practice my french and spanish. We are exploring local areas, including the Banyan Tree Tunnel, one of my favorite trees. The fig trees’ seeds land on host trees which they smother as the roots grow downward creating pillars that resemble new tree trunks. The largest banyan covers 4.7 acres in India. Hopefully, we can find some volunteer work after the surgery. It’s been an adjustment from our past few years of busy-ness and travel to sitting still and doing so little. This life of leisure takes some getting used to. I guess we’ll start planning something special for after the Captain has recovered.

For the first time in four years we sat by one of the pools here at Harborage and read.

12 thoughts on “Ouch…Big Change of Plans! No Bahamas For Us!

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  1. I’m so sorry about are Bahamas plans being sue tracked. One just has to be flexible. Sounds like you haveca good plan in place and I have no doubt you will fill your time.

    Have we told you about our boat survey? Jim slipped on the top step, fell and broke his finger. We still bought the boat!


  2. I’m so sorry the Bahamas aren’t happening yet but I’m sure it will. We decided to wait until next winter to head hoping Covid dies down a bunch plus we have some diesel we’re doing while we’re here in Cocoa. Prayers for a good surgery and PT.


  3. Scott,

    Oh, so sorry to hear about your injury, Scott……fortunately, you have a First Mate who is the BEST at getting you through this !!!!


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