So Much For Plans…

The year 2022 has become the year of changes and uncertainty. We became accustomed to living “up in the air” in the years 2020 and 2021 as covid controlled our lives but we somehow felt that 2022 was going to be different. We felt like we could make plans, maybe not our first choice of plans due to covid, but great plans none the less. In the past 3.5 months I started writing this blog about 20 times but was unable to find any firm plans to write about.

After reaching stage 3 of Scott’s recovery from a complete tear, then surgical repair of his rotator cuff, he was thrilled to rip it off his sling at his first physical therapy session. The 3 therapists working around him were amazed by his range of motion and lack of pain after wearing the sling for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, he was informed that he cannot push with the arm nor lift anything more than 5 lbs. until July 4! Therefore, physical therapy will not end anytime soon. His doctor does expect him to return to 100%! Hallelujah!

We had considered checking something off of Scott’s bucket list instead of taking our normal trek up the east coast this summer, which is what we call hurricane season. (I don’t need a bucket list because I’m perfectly happy doing anything on his list! ) We felt it would be easiest to stay in the USA and take a driving trip making a loop out west and up to Vancouver. Since we missed our beloved Bahamas we felt that a driving trip would be a safer alternative for his shoulder recovery since we wouldn’t have to deal with rough seas, climbing in and out of a dinghy, and all the boat projects that require him to use arm strength. To achieve that goal we had to find boat insurance that would allow us to leave the boat in Florida during hurricane season so we could have maximum travel time by car and spend less money on fuel taking it up north. Currently our insurance requires us to be north of South Carolina by July 1. No problem, Scott had contacted Geico last fall when we first started thinking about summer plans and had everything lined up. However, when he contacted them a few months ago he learned that the company no longer insurances boats over 50′. Darn! No problem, there are lots of insurance companies, right?

The obligatory haul out photo. Her bottom is still looking good from the paint job in January.

Wrong! Finding good Florida coverage that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg requires hours upon hours of work which Scott has performed. We learned that some companies won’t insurance boats under a certain price, others won’t insure over a particular size or price, some don’t want you to live aboard, others don’t want you to be away from the boat, others required a Florida residence, etc. All the companies in the running required a haul-out and survey which we completed and received a glowing report. (Thank you Scott for taking such good care of our home!) Numerous agents from several companies have diligently attempted to find a company that fits our needs in terms of coverage, price, deductible and navigation area. We located a slip in a hurricane hole in Vero Beach and were all ready to drive away into the sunset. We readied our car, made necessary purchases, and were excited to explore out west.

One by one the insurance companies turned us down, even the ones that cost an arm and a leg. We were left with two choices: find a place up north that’s safe and protected from hurricanes – not an easy feat – and then fetch our car in Stuart to drive west or just boat. We find it extremely difficult to leave our home under any circumstances, especially during hurricane season. We had to make a final decision in time for us to move the vessel far enough north by July 1 and move it without hurting Scott’s shoulder which means no rough water and careful dinghy use.

One more little kink in our plans…we were excited to fly to Seattle on May 25 for a family reunion and celebration of life and what do you know…Scott tested positive for covid! It’s hard to believe because we have worked so hard to avoid becoming a statistic. My oldest son, Clayton, was staying with us at the time so we banished Scott into our bedroom and office so Clayton and I had the rest of the boat. We did manage to get in a fishing trip before Scott got sick and caught 4 Dorado and a Barracuda! Unfortunately, I tested positive for covid 4 days after Scott. We were greatly disappointed to cancel our trip to Seattle at the last minute and miss seeing our granddaughters. Fortunately, we are feeling well now, thanks to our vaccines and boosters but I do not want to go through feeling like crap and isolating for 14 days again.

Back to our summer plans…

After much deliberation we chose to boat this summer! I am positively thrilled. Actually, I would be thrilled with either choice but I can’t wait to be on the water again. However, even that has become problematic with delays in last minute work being done on the boat and weather. This blog does not begin to describe our angst and uncertainty that we’ve experienced during the past few months, but finally…we are heading north with Beth and Mark on My Way Too! Yeah for buddy boating with friends!!!!

Dining with Day Dreams!
Walking the beach with 3 Ravens.
This picture isn’t worth much but we were thrilled to watch the lunar eclipse that produced the blood moon.
Birthday dinner with Tori and Gary on Gratitude!

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