Life in the Berry Islands

Doing my share of the davit repair, refilling the hydraulic fluid. Notice the gap in which I must shimmy and no wires or tubing can be disturbed. Yeah, the new part for the davit worked!!!! There were some hoops to go through facing paying $1600 for import duty+ $850 for VAT; Scott convinced Customs that... Continue Reading →

Great Joy in Great Harbour!

The water and sand are totally worth the headache of dealing with Covid-19 testing. Countless times I have forced myself to sit down and write this blog but I am constantly distracted by opportunities to bike, walk the beaches, take dinghy rides, or hang out with friends. Hmmm, sit in front of the computer or... Continue Reading →

Donations for Bahamians

Although it is rather last minute we want to do our share to help the Bahamians as they have lost so much in the past 16 months. After weathering the devastating impact from Dorian they received a one-two punch from Covid-19. Tourism accounts for approximately 60% of the GDP and the island chain has been... Continue Reading →


A glorious sunrise in Cape Lookout Bight looking at the lighthouse. No, it has not been altered although it looks like Tang! Photo by Scott Eason We haven't had the pleasure of walking pristine beaches for quite awhile so our plan was to spend some quality beach time on our way south. Our first stops... Continue Reading →


Our paddle wheel plug which caused the wind gauge to malfunction. Yesterday, as I was doing Zumba via zoom (, the technician runs up from the battery room with a panicked look on his face while shouting for Scott. Moments later, Scott comes in and tells me, "Get your headset, we're hauling out!" PANIC!!! EMERGENCY... Continue Reading →

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