Makeover Part 2

Phew, finally the makeover is complete! We are thrilled with the new glass tile that was completed today on the backsplash in the galley (kitchen).  We think we have the prettiest galley around (except for our ugly refrigerator that’s covered in insulation).  Scott has purchased under counter lighting that he will install one day when he is bored and has nothing else to do!

backsplash sink

We also had to have our faucet replaced due to leaking both at the base of the faucet and underneath.  Thanks for Teri Miller for doing the research to find a cheaper faucet that would fit.  Unfortunately, no others fit so we had to stick with our original Swedish brand.

A surprise makeover item was the purchase of a new latex bed.  Our electronic compass, which is located under the master berth, was always about 30* off.  One day we were driving the boat and realized that it was suddenly working!  The only thing different was that we had left the bed in the up position.  When it was lowered the compass went crazy again so we realized that the coils in the bed contained enough metal to mess up the compass.  We explored the possibility of moving the compass but there were no other good locations so we resigned ourselves to purchasing a latex bed.  We did our research and found a great company called Foam Sweet Foam (online).  We chose the density and the manufacturing process for the 3 layers and 4 days later the “bed” arrived in 4 boxes.  We were amazed at how easy it was and how much we love the bed.  Our old coiled bed went to the guest stateroom.  The old foam mattress from that bed was way too soft and saggy so was donated to the Salvation Army.

master bed
Queen size Master Berth


guest bed
Queen size Guest Berth

The new bed prompted another unplanned makeover…new lift cylinders.  The beds were so heavy it took both of us straining to lift the bed which is not desirable and the beds would not stay up on their own.  Dave Arnold, our wonderful boat technician, installed new lift cylinders which enabled the beds to stay up once we got them up.  Scott was so smart he figured out how to reuse the old cylinders and place them where we could get an initial boost to help with the lower portion of the lift.  Under our bed, because of the electronic compass, we store non-magnetic materials such as coolers, aluminum cans, oils, small copper electrical parts, etc.  Under the guest bed we store tools, spare props, spare parts, luggage, paper towels, snorkel gear, corn hole game, etc.

Hopefully that’s the end to unplanned makeovers.  Now can we just use the boat???

Scott has spent many, many hours studying weather sources and charting so tomorrow is our target day to head up the east coast…YEAH!!!!!!!!!  Now the blogs entries should become much more exciting!



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