Our view of the Naval Academy
We puttered across the bay from St. Michaels to Annapolis which I learned is actually a small town, population 40,000.  En route we asked the Lieutenant Commander at the Naval Academy for permission to stay in their anchorage.  Apparently it is quite rare to be granted permission.  I guess it pays to know the right person to ask (Thanks Neal V.) who gave us the Lt. Commander’s phone number.


The port stabilizer is about half-way back and looks like a fin.  It is 9 sq. ft.
It had been 9 days since we had been to the grocery store so we took the water taxi to shore then an Uber to Giant.  On the water taxi ride back to Unforgettable we got a bit wet because the winds had picked up and the water was a rather choppy.  I actually like anchoring in choppy water since we get a breeze coming in through the windows and it feels like being rocked in a cradle.  Once we got in bed and turned out the lights we noticed the thumps, clanks and thuds.  So, we climb out of bed and scoured the boat for any cabinet that was not completely closed, doors that weren’t latched open or anything that could roll in the cabinets.  After “battening down the hatches” we got back to bed and there are still 2 loud thuds that we could feel vibrating the bed.  They seemed to be across from each other and approximately where the stabilizers are located.  My dear husband had to get out of bed again to start the engines in order to center the stabilizers.  Then he had to climb down into the water compartment, stretch over the battery bank and pin the stabilizers.  He could only pin one and tried repeatedly to pin the other one but was not successful.  Thankfully, this quieted them both and we slept well.
The next morning the chop increased and a storm was forecast so we moved to the Annapolis City Docks located in Ego Alley.  Scott had been quite worried that the anchor would drag and we would crash into the large rocks on shore.  Going to the marina was an unexpected treat!  We could get water to do laundry, electricity to do laundry and air conditioning (even though it was rather cool at night) and we did not need to use the dinghy to go to town.  They city docks were located right downtown so we could walk most anywhere.  The area was called Ego Alley because it is the place to show off your boat and to be seen!
The next day I had a great walk through the beautiful historic district, we ate 1/2 lbs. crab cakes at Chick and Ruth’s Delly (yes, that’s how it is spelled!),  enjoyed people/boat watching and toured the Naval Academy.  The Naval Academy was one place neither one of us had a desire to visit.  We were so glad we did though because it was impressive.  There was beautiful architecture, particularly the Beaux-Arts style buildings.  We were amazed at the goals each mid-shipmen are required to meet each year.  All are required to play a sport as well as box, wrestle, Judo, sail and swim 1/2 mi. IN THEIR CLOTHES!!!


The following day we walked to Weems and Plath on Back Creek for Scott to drool over their nautical and weather instruments.  He had always wanted a brass clock,  a barometer, and a thermometer/hygrometer but never dreamed he would actually own them.  I guess dreams come true…they were 20% off so he bought all three to mount in the pilot house.  I will post a picture when he finds time to hang them.
We walked through Eastport and loved looking at all the beautiful homes and historic buildings.  We saw the signs denoting the areas where the Revolutionary War troops of Washington,  Rochambeau and Lafayette had camped.  We ate some delicious seafood at various restaurants and filled ourselves to the brim with crab!  We ate so much that we were ready to return to our simple and healthy eating style.
Annapolis is a beautiful town and is known as the Sailing Capitol of the US.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and were a bit sad to leave for Solomons, MD.
While in Solomons the boat will be pulled out of the water for approximately 1 wk. then work will continue while in the water.  In my next blog I will detail all of the work being done to Unforgettable.  We are not allowed to live in the boat while out of the water because systems don’t work without water for cooling.  My daughter and her boyfriend have graciously offered their apartment just minutes away.  We are looking forward to some land-based adventures if Scott can tear himself away from the boatyard!  He plans to be there from opening until closing!

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  1. I am enjoying your blog, Melissa! It appears that you and Scott are becoming “old salts” (or is that a term for experienced sailors that one hears only in movies?). My sea-going experience has been limited to ferry boat rides, the longest of which has been about forty-five minutes, ha ha.


    1. Tom, thank you for reading our blog. Scott has been boating for 20 years so he is definitely saltier than I am! I would love to be called an old salt because that would mean that I have gained sufficient experience. We too love Ferry rides. In fact, if we can’t take our boat to Alaska I would like to travel it by ferry. It has quite an extensive ferry system. We took the six hour ferry ride from Whitaker to Valdez and loved it.


  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures in and around Annapolis. Brought back memories of visiting my cousin who lives in Silver Spring, MD and the day we spent in Annapolis.


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