Kadey-Krogen Rendezvous #3

facebook_1571398766036.jpgThe 30th annual Kadey-Krogen owners rendezvous was a blast!  From 7 a.m. yoga to a great band with dancing the final night, the week was jam packed with wonderful presentations, learning opportunities and non-stop socializing.  Our coordinators did a fabulous job bringing in famous people in their fields such as Nigel Caulder (battery technology), Chris Parker (marine weather), Bob Arrington (off shore passage prep),  Steve Zimmerman (maximizing engine life), and Dave Wright (hydraulics). 

Two of our own members gave presentations based on their travels in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and the Down East Circle.  We fell in love with the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park last winter and would love to cruise the Down East Circle but our air draft is too high and our draft is too deep.   In the mornings we had the opportunity for hands on learning from other members in such areas as rope splicing (Scott Eason), how to tie a monkey fist (Melissa Eason), how to use the Paprika App,  sea glass jewelry making and more.   Teaching other people how to tie a monkey fist is surprising because I truly have difficulties with spatial relationships.  It’s the only knot I can tie other than my cleats!

We are front row far right. Photo credit goes to Gary Rubin.
Feels good to be on the dance floor!

Evening activities included a trivia contest, a silent auction to raise money for the Bahamas, a raffle with valuable prizes (Yeah!  We won 2 nights dockage at Great Harbour Cay Marina in the Berry Islands, Bahamas) and the previously mentioned band and dancing.  Unfortunately, Scott had a horrible cold so I could only drag him onto the dance floor for a few slow ones!  

Nighttime on our dock.

We were mentors for a set of “newbies” who happened to be docked next to us:  Gary and Torie on Gratitude.  They were such fun and are also into eating healthy.  We hope to do some buddy boating with them on our southern migration.  

When we were asked by the rendezvous committee to chair the food committee for next year I laughed and said emphatically, “NO WAY!”  After discussing it with Captain Scott we decided that after 3 years of receiving huge benefits from the event it is time for us to start giving back and we changed our response to yes.  I guess all of the meals will be tofu and chickpeas…just kidding!

The 5 sets of 58’s in attendance.

I volunteered to teach my Ship Shape workout, also called helm chair workout, that we do regularly in the pilot house.   After the class the attendees requested that I make a video or give them notes so they could continue on their own.  I was so pleased that everyone realized how these exercises would benefit their boating life and improve safety.   I taught the same class a second time so more people could participate.  

After the rendezvous we were anxious to head south but had a 5 day delay due to some projects that weren’t finished on board.  It was a long 5 days as we had “ants in our pants!”  

My last picture of Simon for quite sometime. I sure will miss this sweet and cuddly boy!

Follow our mad dash to Stuart, FL, while dodging Nestor and the upcoming low pressure systems.   

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  1. What a fabulous experience Melissa and Scott! So love reading that you created a “ship shape” workout for your fellow boaters! ILOVE IT!!!
    Keep the stories coming😄👏


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